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About Just Like Me Paperdolls

Just Like Me Paperdolls was born as an idea my sister, Vicki, and I had to create some paperdolls for our grandchildren. In the beginning, we made the paperdolls from scanned images of actual paperdolls and superimposed our grandchildrens' heads on them using Photoshop.  We, then printed them on magnetic paper that we found at our local office supply store.

They were a great hit with our grandchildren. Many other members of our extended family also wanted paperdolls for their family. It was very satisfying to create these paperdolls


because both the children and their parents so were excited about a paperdoll created in their own image.  The most common place to find these paperdolls has been on their refrigerators.  It seems even older children cannot resist the urge to change their doll's outfit each time they pass through the kitchen.

When my husband passed away a short while ago, I found that I had a need to generate more income to maintain my home and family.  My first thought was to develop an internet business so I would not have to leave my home to "go to work."  I live in Darrington, WA, a small town an hour and a half NE of Seattle and driving to work took me at least an hour, before I retired.  Since I was not eager to revisit that schedule, I looked for an alternative.  With Vicki's assistance, I was able to develop this website and offer personalized, magnetic paperdolls for sale to the general public.

Without Vicki's help, the website would not exist.  We are not professional webmasters, although Vicki had developed an extensive family website that includes many features. Photos and details of 10 years worth of vacations and family events are documented for the entire family to view.  Videos and movies of childrens' performances are offered.  A family tree traces the family back multiple generations to the early 1600's.  This family tree is displayed in a unique format that includes biographies and old photographs at the click of your mouse.  From my standpoint there has been nothing she couldn't do, if she put her mind to it.

So, with her help, we taught ourselves some new upgraded web development programs and set out to create the Just Like Me Paperdolls website.  It will no doubt be constantly changing as we learn new features and refine the presentation.

The paperdoll models are made from photographs of our own grandchildren, including our sister, Michelle's grandchildren in Southern California.  The wardrobe sheets are culled from various sources and transformed in Photoshop to fit the appropriate models.  Many are from actual photographs taken of the grandchildren wearing different outfits. 

We recently created mom and dad paperdolls which complete a paperdoll family.  These can also be used as gag gifts since not only do they have standard wardrobe closets, but also Screen Sirens, Superheroes, Celebrities and other fantasy type clothing.  We added a stage and backdrops, bedrooms and other accessories to expand your child's imagination and add to the enjoyment of the dolls themselves.

Our newest creation is personalized calendars that allows you to use your image in various glamorous poses for each month of the calendar. These can be used as unique and sexy gifts to someone special or as a gag gift.

I am always receptive to new ideas for how to increase the versatility of this website.  If you would like to contact me directly to offer ideas or just to chat, feel free to contact me at

Thank you for visiting our website.  We hope you will check back soon to see what else is new.

Cheryl Nowell


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