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Meet Jim

Jim is our Grandpa in our "Daddy" Superdad series.  He is approximately 6.0 inches in height.

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Jim Doll
Jim's Closet Jim's Closet
Jim's Superheroes Superheroes
Jim's Superheroes 2 Superheroes 2
Jim's Superheroes 3 Superheroes 3

U.X Jim Paperdoll..........$15.00

Brianna Paperdoll
Check back soon to see what additional wardrobe sheets have been added for Jim.
(Doll sold only with one or more wardrobe sheets designed for Jim.)


Jim's Closet

Jim's Closet is a collection of clothes that includes a work shirt and pants with a carpenter's apron, a tuxedo, a casual shirt and slacks, a short sleeved polo shirt and shorts, a sports jacket and slacks with a bouquet, a sweat suit, a robe and a business suit holding a pipe.

Jim's Closet

U1.1 Jim's Closet..........$20.00

Jim's Closet

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Jim's Superheroes

This wardrobe sheet lets Jim dress as his favorite comic book hero personnas:  Batman, Robin, Superman, or the newest movie heroes Captain America or the Green Hornet.


U12.1 Jim's Superheroes..........$20.00

Jim's Closet

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Jim's Superheroes 2

This second Superheroes wardrobe sheet adds 5 additional Superheroes to Jim's collection: Thor, Ironman, Green Arrow, Spiderman and Flash

Superheroes 2

U12.2 Jim's Superheroes 2.........$20.00

Jim's Closet

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Jim's Superheroes 3

This third Superheroes wardrobe sheet finds Jim dressed as the following:  Zorro, G.I. Joe, Robin Hood, Indiana Jones and TV counterculture hero Dog, the Bounty Hunter.

Superheroes 3

U12.3 Jim's Superheroes 3..........$20.00

Jim's Closet

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