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Submitting your Photo

Submitting Your Photograph

After placing your order, please contact to submit your photograph for use in the production of your paperdoll.

You may email a scanned photo or a digital photo from your camera to the email address below or mail your photograph to the P.O. Box in Darrington. Your mailed photograph will be returned to you, along with your completed paperdoll.

If you choose to email your photograph, it should be in the form of a .jpeg or .gif with as high a resolution as possible.

The photographic selection for use in creating your paperdoll should be a full color portrait with a frontal view of the head looking directly at the viewer (not looking up or down) and not in deep shadow. A complete body is not necessary, as only the head will be used. It is best to have hands located away from the face. The skin tones of the paperdoll will be matched to the photograph.

A school photograph makes an excellent choice.

Your view is best reproduced using a similar head angle as the paper doll selected. However, any pose 45 degrees +/- towards center should produce satisfactory results.

The preferred form of payment is through PayPal, using the shopping cart. This offers a secure and risk-free form of payment. If you prefer to send a check through the mail, attach it with your photograph, your child's first name, and list the codes and descriptions of your selections. If you have a promotional code or are participating in a fundraiser, be sure to write that information on your check.

Your original photo and paperdolls will be sent via U.S. mail. If you desire express delivery, please contact me for rates.

Information on Cutting Out Your Paperdoll

Your paperdoll can be cut out with any standard pair of scissors and placed on your refrigerator or other appliance as a play area for your child.  Another excellent “stage” is to use a metal cookie sheet with a narrow rim.  This helps contain small parts and makes your play area easily transportable in your car, as well as providing a convenient storage container.

When cutting out your paperdolls, be sure to cut around any colored pedestals on the wardrobe items.  This pedestal not only makes the process easier, it allows for more interesting wardrobe items.  For instance, it would not be possible to create the dance studio positions at all, if pedestals were not used.  This is an idea inspired by the Ballet paper dolls created by noted paperdoll artist Tom Tierney.

Another hint, when cutting out your paperdoll wardrobe items, is to leave any armholes between the arm and the body intact if they are enclosed (touch the body at both shoulder and hip).  Other unique instructions may also be found on the Consolidated Wardrobe Sheets. 

Your wardrobe sheet is not quite the same as you saw on the website.  The one on the website or in the catalog was developed for display purposes only.  The articles included are the same, but their position on the page is adjusted to include as many outfits as possible on your wardrobe sheet. 

Your wardrobe items do not stick to the paperdoll until they are placed on a metal object.  At that time all the items can be stacked and will not fall off until moved. 

I'm sorry about the inconvenience of cutting them out.  I know the little ones can't do it for themselves.  I remember cutting out paperdolls as a child, before they where printed on perforated paper. When I developed them, I felt cutting them out is more than offset by the clothes not falling off because the folded tab doesn't stay up.

Hopefully, you little ones will enjoy their new paperdolls, made in their image.  They have become a labor of love for me and started when I created them for my own grandchildren.  All the models are my children, grandchildren or my sisters’ grandchildren.

Thank you one more time for interest in our paperdolls.  If you would like to receive updates for newly developed wardrobe sheets or receive our newsletter, contact us at:

For further information or questions, contact Cheryl Nowell at P.O. Box 1082, Darrington, WA 98241, (360) 436-1637, or



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